With its 75 hectares facing the south-east, the domaine of Madeleine extends between Manosque and Volx, along the RD 96. Thanks to the well-drained, south-east facing slopes of the vineyard, the vines grow well and produce a high yield while enjoying the scarlet red surroundings thanks to the many poppies of the region.

Fervent supporters of the cause of mixing grape varieties, its owners prefer to use a variety of grapes to suit the various tastes of their clients.


The majority of wine produced, for rosé, red and white alike, is IGP Alpes-de-Haute-Provence wine.


On the southern tip of the Valensole plateau, in the commune of Gréoux-les-Bains, the Château de Rousset vineyard has been farmed by our family since 1825.

Two generations, sometimes even three, work together with the same passion to develop and maintain this marvellous terroir in Haute-Provence in a sustainable manner. The vines are planted and tended carefully so that they yield the most beautiful grapes. Each harvest is then vinified with passion and expertise to transform the fruit into wine and preserve the beautiful fragrances in our bottles.

The entire vineyard is being converted to organic farming.


The Saint Jean vineyard was established by our ancestor Henri d’Herbès in 1880 on the stony terraces nestled between the Luberon and the Durance.

In this wonderful setting, cherished by writers and poets, our 24 hectares of vines flourish.

We compose our wines with passion day after day, and they are distinguished by their freshness and fullness, the fruit of the unique terroir of Haute-Provence. The vineyard is being converted to organic farming.

They combine our ancestors’ expertise with the latest innovations, all to achieve a common goal: “YOUR PLEASURE”


Domaine La Blaque extends across the communes of Montfuron and Pierrevert, a vineyard of 52 hectares, dependent on the AOC Pierrevert.

For 25 years, Laurence and Gilles Delsuc, a couple of oenologists, have been on a quest to produce ever better wines.

The vines, located on the Luberon foothills, at an altitude of between 450 and 550 metres, produce white, red and rosé wines to be drunk young or to be stored for years, such as the jewel of the domaine, the reserve red.

The special feature of this domaine is its ageing cellar for red wines in oak barrels (more than 350 casks).

All wines produced in the Domaine la Blaque are organic wines.


Our domaine of more than 300 hectares, of which 200 are used for vines, is located in Pierrevert, at the base of the Luberon, and at an altitude of more than 400 metres.

The quality of the soil and the diversity of the grape varieties allow the production of very fine and very high quality wines.

Produced using sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods, our wines have been able to retain their identity while still meeting consumer requirements.

Come and share a moment of conviviality, discover or rediscover our range of red, white and rosé wines in our network of cellars at Régusse.


The only cooperative wine company in Haute-Provence, the Petra Viridis cellar develops wines that reflect its unique terroir, which is to say, a privileged location between the sea and the mountains.

Conscious of its exceptional heritage, a significant part of the vineyard is worked according to the principles of organic farming. It is therefore committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible farming at every stage. This allows us to produce high-quality wines within the AOP Pierrevert and IGP Alpes-de-Haute-Provence appellations.

This quest for an expression of quality with respect for the terroir is regularly rewarded in a variety of competitions (Salon de l’agriculture de Paris, national and world Vinalies for rosé, etc.)