At the base of the Verdon Gorge, a stone’s throw from Manosque, you are invited to enjoy the rosé wine of Pierrevert. In this historical setting, the vines grow peacefully, shaded from the wind, under the attentive care of the winemakers. With its soft, pale colour, the dry rosé of this tranquil family of wines is a Provençal symbol of excellence. On the nose, red and black fruits marry up with delicate floral touches, with a full and fresh finish on the palate. When finished, all the richness of this beverage gently fades away into delicate citrus flavours. Ideal as an aperitif, this rosé is loved for its flexibility and freshness, thanks to the range of temperatures experienced by this department between day and night. Best enjoyed at 10 degrees, as an accompaniment to tender asparagus or grilled lamb. There is no shortage of occasions on which to enjoy this delicate wine and, as winemakers are fond of saying, “The pleasure experienced when tasting our wines is the ultimate aim of all our work”.


Among the wide range of grape varieties that make up this wine, Cinsault and Grenache characterise the rosé wines of Pierrevert.


Typically Provençal and naturally fertile, Cinsault is a grape variety famous for its productivity. Its tough character makes it particularly resistant to drought and strong winds. A lover of heat, this grape variety ripens during the first fortnight of September after soaking up the sun over a beautiful summer. Cinsault is fond of hillsides with stony and loamy soils, which give it its unique taste. Despite the faint coloration that it lends to rosé wines, this grape variety produces aromas of unparalleled delicacy and gives a very pleasant softness on the palate.


An ancestral variety, characteristic of the north of the Côtes du Rhône, Syrah fascinates with its unknown origin, giving rosé wines this taste of mystery. This grape variety thrives in the warm Provençal light contrasted by the mountain breeze.



This rich wine, with its pretty pink colour, has a strong power of seduction. On the nose, IGP Alpes-de-Haute-Provence rosé wine imparts a rush of fruity flavours which are almost impossible to resist. Full and smooth on the palate, it satisfies the curiosity of all wine lovers thanks to its aromatic persistence. Served at 8 degrees, this naturally fresh wine will delight everyone on a warm summer evening.