The terroir

Region and expertise

Welcome to the world of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Immersed in the astonishingly fertile lands where the Alpes-Maritimes, the Var, the Vaucluse, the Drôme and the Hautes-Alpes converge. At the heart of a vast department, which is among the largest in the country and shares its borders with those of Italy. You are in the midst of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. In this special setting, where the tumultuous Durance flows, nature enjoys 300 days of sunlight per year as well as an incomparable freshness thanks to the Mistral, the wind symbolic of the southern regions. You are breathing in southern air that is both mysterious and enchanting. The air of a region that brings joy to the winemakers of the surrounding areas.

…This is a world of richness and intimacy

Right in the heart of Provence and at the source of the Verdon, this region truly is a haven of peace, protected by Giono’s hills. Picturesque villages, almost forgotten, perfectly embrace the stunning scrublands so typical of Haute-Provence. In the Provençal streets, time seems frozen. And should you lose your way, the sound of water trickling in the many streams or along the gorges of the Verdon will guide you through the lushness of this region. Shaped by the curvature of the vines, the Haute-Provence landscape is a colourful sight where golden fields of wheat mingle harmoniously with the hazy blue tones of vast fields of lavender.


At the heart of these blossoming, natural riches, historical appellations such as AOP Pierrevert and IGP Alpes-de-Haute-Provence were born. Large companies with an established reputation have also settled there, such as l’Occitane-en-Provence at Manosque.


Depending on your personal wishes and curiosity, you can, in turn, enjoy the spa resort of Gréoux-les-Bains, try out water sports on the lake at Esparron-de-Verdon, discover the town of Forcalquier, enter the private world of Jean Giono in his former home of Manosque or even take a walk in the vineyards around the picturesque village of Pierrevert.

…Here, we cultivate the art of living and a fondness for shared pleasures

Above all, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence is a story of meetings… An invitation to conviviality, regional flavours, home produce and ancestral expertise. In these lands, which have an agricultural and rural past, artisan traditions are passed down from generation to generation, always with the requirement of consistent quality.


Thanks to the richness of the soil, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region provides visitors with a taste experience as surprising as it is unique. Throughout its numerous markets, the region allows you to stroll through a variety of tastes in a friendly atmosphere where the gourmet flavours of numerous local regional specialities meet, such as Banon cheese, honey, small spelt, herbes de Provence or even the well known Sisteron lamb.

…Here, the wines are of the highest quality

“here you’re not far away, you’re some place else…”


Loved by Jean Giono, the Manosque region is a secret place brimming with the most beautiful wine-growing treasures in the country…and in the world! With its 778 hectares of vineyards nestled at an altitude where the roots of the vines grow alongside those of olive, beech and oak trees, the exceptional topography of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region gives the wine an incomparable taste.


Thanks to the expertise of its winemakers, who, more than 500 years ago, were bringing happiness to King René 1st of Anjou, illustrious count of Provence and Forcalquier, these wines continue to delight the gourmet palates of amateurs and connoisseurs alike.


Moreover, the wines produced in this terroir are among the best rosé wines in Provence, winning awards in international competitions and demonstrating the distinctiveness of their aromas and the succulence of their bouquet.

…Here, a winemaker’s seasons follow the vine’s seasons

The winemaking trade is as complex as it is fascinating. The love story that links winemakers to their vines is intensely carnal, profoundly intimate and absorbing.


Throughout the year, an alchemy is at work, a dialogue is established and hard labour is required, over endless days, at times sleepless nights and mornings that are sometimes frosty, sometimes life-saving.


In winter, the winemaker has one obsession: the size of the vine. This dictates the number of shoots on the bunch and, therefore, final production. The life of the vine will depend on this for decades.


In April, the bud burst phase begins. The vine wakes up and finally reveals itself. However, the flowers will not blossom for another two months. While they wait, the winemakers keep a close eye on the sky, pleading with the gods for good weather, so that the blossom will be delicately preserved.


Finally, the winemaker must decide when to start the wine harvest. Even to within a few days, the grapes might not be sufficiently ripe.


Once in the winery, meticulous work is required to monitor operations. From fermentation to conversion to alcohol, via vatting and pressing, this crucial phase will deliver its verdict on the potential of the grapes…and the sustainability of operations.